I will not hold terreeanne hair extensions responsible for any damage caused to the hair extensions by incorrect care by me. I understand that by colouring, perming, cutting or removal by anyone other than Terreeanne hair extensions, that Terreeanne hair extensions will not be held responsible for any damage to the hair extensions or to your own hair

you are responsible for the payment in full of terreeanne hair extensions,minus the deposit, before the hair extensions are applied. this can be paid on the day, before hair extensions are applied.

Deposits are £75 and are non refundable if your appointment is cancelled. You are responsible for paying the whole amount in full for the hair extensions, minus the deposit, before the hair extensions are applied. This can be paid on the day, before hair extensions are applied

The charge for removal and re-installation of Terreeanne hair extensions is £55 and you agree to pay this in full before hair maintenance is carried out. This can be paid on the day. Removal of hair extensions should only be carried out by Terreeanne hair extensions only

The hair is non-refundable and for best results, the hair should be in place for a minimum of 30 days

You (the client) understand the explanation of how Terreeanne hair extensions are applied and taken out and you agree it is your responsibility to have regular maintenance of between 6-12 weeks depending on the type of hair extensions chosen and own hair growth

You understand how to maintain your hair extensions, as explained in care of terreeanne hair extensions, and you are fully responsible for the maintenance of them

4 week money back guarantee if your hair is not as smooth and silky as when they were first put in. Hair must have been looked after properly as per the Care of Terreeannes hair extensions otherwise a refund will not be honoured. I will remove the hair free of charge and you will get a full refund including deposit. Hair will not be returned to you and I will dispose of the hair myself