it is normal for you to experience mild tenderness, itchiness or mild headache for up to 2 weeks after terreeanne hair extensions are applied. this will settle down as your hair adjusts to the extra weight.

wash your hair with shampoo using warm water. be careful not to rub the hair extensions. it is best to use your fingers to run the shampoo through the hair.

hold the hair and gently brush terreeanne hair extensions from the bottom up using a soft bristle brush or a wide tooth comb. take care not the catch the bonds with the brush or comb as this can pull the extensions out.

rinse the hair with warm water whilst combing through your hair with your fingers, ensuring all the shampoo has been removed from your hair.

apply conditioner on from the middle of the hair to the tips. be careful not to put the product on the bonds as this could break them down and cause them to slip out. rinse with warm water after 2-3 minutes in the same way as using shampoo.

it is best to allow the extensions to dry naturally, although you can blow dry them with a hair dryer on a low heat. cold is best. take into consideration that excessive use of heat, including straightening irons, hair dryers and curling tongs etc can damage the extensions. never use heat of any kind on the bonds as this can cause them to split and slip out. always use a heat protection spray when straightening or curling terreeanne hair extensions.
never go to bed with wet hair. ensure hair is dry and put hair into a loose ponytail or plait before going to bed so the hair does not tangle.
separate each bond to avoid tangling and knots. this is not required for tape in or skin weft hair extensions.
terreeanne hair extensions can dry out in the sun when going abroad or hot weather in the uk. sea water and chlorine can dry out or damage the hair extensions and hair should be washed at the earliest opportunity to avoid any damage

it is best to use a deep conditioning mask to keep hair nourished. if using sun beds, wrap the hair in a small, light towel or bandanna to protect the hair.

terreeanne hair extensions should be taken out and reapplied every 6-12 weeks, depending on the type of hair extensions you have chosen. this will be explained during consultation